Founded in 1997, Shing Huang Enterprise Co., Ltd. mainly produces alloy and in particular, machine tools and other mechanical parts. With the rapid development and changes in the recent years, the Company has been continually improving its quality and production technologies, manufacturing all of its products as carefully as if we were creating fine art pieces. As a result, we have established a good reputation, satisfying customers with our supreme devotion.
Shing Huang mainly manufactures automobile and motor vehicle parts, alloy steel chassis tripods, and many other types of machinery spare parts. We strictly adhere to high quality; providing our customers with excellent and stable products is our stongest motivation.
Design, R&D, education, and training are the fundamerntals for an enterprise's sustainable operation. From the previous traditional production approach to the current integrated design and planning, we have been continuously upgrading our qaulity and manufacturing capabilities. Coupled with the establishment of the concept of strict quality control among our staff and improvements in our production technologies, Shing Huang has been able to establish its own place in an intensely competitive environment. Our aim is to coninue learning and growing to meet more customers' needs.
Due to industrial relocation and upgrading of global production technologies, we must constantly strive for perfection in regard to the design and R&D of our forged products, in order to face the competition and challenges in the industry. From auto parts to machinery spare parts, the continuous diversified operation helps us to enjoy robust business growth and ensures that our customers will be better satisfied with our quality and our services, thereby creating a win-win situation.